Socialist Party MOC Supports Vegetarianism

Motion: The SPMOC supports and commends vegetarianism as a lifestyle and political statement. Motion passed unanimously on March 23rd, 2012

Motivation Statement:

By SPMOC Treasurer James Farley and member Danielle Farley

As Socialists, we have talked the talk of greater social change, but it is time we walk the walk toward greater social change! In order for socialism to effectively take shape we need a transformation in our overall consciousness, not only our consciousness of each other, but of the environment as well. Socialism is more than an alternative political system; it is way of life that can only be possible when a higher awareness and greater mindfulness emerge within us and our communities. For socialism to emerge on a large scale we need this to emerge. How and when this will happen in anyone’s guess; however, there are some everyday personal changes we can make and promote that will facilitate the emergence of this new consciousness.

First, we can recognize the environmental, health, and political merits of vegetarianism. Contrary to popular misconceptions, vegetarianism is not only for people who love animals.
By adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, we are:

  • Taking personal and political power from the great capitalist corporations who have devastated small farming communities and who now have a near monopoly on meat production. By opting out of eating meat, we are greatly diminishing the power of these capitalists while increasing our own individual power.
  • Relieving the burdens placed on oppressed farmers and polluted environments of 3rd World countries who are pushed to the max to provide Northern countries with the insatiable demand for meat products. Meat production is terribly devastating to the environment around the world.
  • Improving our health with a plant based diet will free us from the capitalist controlled “health” care industry. It has been proven time and again that plant-based diets will greatly improve one’s health and prevent disease and cancer.

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