About Us

RED- Central New Jersey local GREEN- Northern New Jersey local Gray- At-large
RED- Central New Jersey local
GREEN- Northern New Jersey local
Gray- At-large

Founded in August 2014 as the successor to the Socialist Party of Monmouth & Ocean Counties, which was founded in March 2011, the Central New Jersey Socialist Party is a chartered local of the Socialist Party of New Jersey. The SPNJ is the state party of the Socialist Party USA.

The CNJSP operates in Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Northern Ocean Counties.

We are a multi-tendency, revolutionary democratic socialist organization that rejects the current capitalist system that oppresses the majority of people for the benefit of the few, and works to promote the creation of a socialist society that respects and empowers each woman, man, and child, both as individuals and as part of the overall working class, to live in freedom from the chains of capitalism.

In working towards this vision, we engage ourselves in a variety of actions and movements. On the electoral front, we work to challenge the electoral monopoly of the Democratic and Republican parties by running candidates for office that use their platform to educate voters on democratic socialism and the fundamental flaws of capitalism. Rather than trying to build a movement with our party as the leadership, we strive to express democratic socialist viewpoints in the larger movement for social justice and economic democracy by working in our communities and with other organizations and coalitions. Our Party members from around the country work to fight budget cuts, promote the rights of women, and end U.S. wars of imperialism.

The Central New Jersey Socialist Party works to promote democratic socialism on a community level. We involve ourselves in local events, such as the annual LGBT Jersey Pride celebration in Asbury Park and various street fairs and parades. Along with the NJ Industrial Union Council and Green Party of Monmouth County, we co-hosted the first-ever Jersey Shore Activist Forum in November 2013. We are also involved in several activist coalitions in New Jersey, including 15 Now NJ and Medicare for All-NJ.

In 2012, Socialist Party-endorsed candidate Pat Noble was elected to the Red Bank Regional High School Board of Education. While the election was non-partisan, Pat was very clear about his socialist beliefs and the voters in Red Bank responded by electing him with 54% of the vote over the incumbent.

We are socialists, and we’re here to organize!




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