LEC Election


CNJSP Local Executive Committee Elections

From the Socialist Party USA Constitution:

Article XIV, Section 5: Local organizations shall elect an executive committee and it shall consist of the local chair, the local secretary, local treasurer, and any other elected officers. (a) The term of office for local officers shall be determined by the local. (b) The local executive committee shall be responsible for carrying on the Party’s business affairs between membership meetings of the local organization.

Officer Descriptions:

(based on language in the Socialist Party of NJ by-laws for state officers)

  • Chair: The Party Chair shall serve as the main representative of the CNJSP and is responsible for chairing and calling SEC meetings.
  • Secretary: The Party Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining party membership, keeping Party records, and communicating with the national organization.
  • Treasurer: The Party Treasurer is responsible for maintaining financial records and filing appropriate state or federal forms.
  • Outreach Coordinator: The Outreach Coordinator communicates with local members and establishes contact with media outlets and like-minded organizations.


Declared Candidates:

Chair: John Palmucci Jr.

  • Statement of Candidacy: I don’t have any kind of history of accomplishments, accolades, or titles. Frankly, I’m not concerned with any of that. When I’m alone with my thoughts, I often find myself thinking about this party. I wonder: How can I help us grow? How can I represent this party to others? What kind of social events could I come up with? Where can we table? What groups can we work with, what do we work on, and how do we facilitate that? What’s my role in helping to spread socialism? I can go on. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, right now it’s mostly these questions. I am interested in learning the answers along with the rest of the CNJSP. Perhaps I could have suggested why I’d be a good chair, but that’s not really my style. I’d rather we talk about the aforementioned, together. That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it

Secretary: Dave Novy

  • Statement of Candidacy:

Treasurer / Outreach Coordinator: Carlyle Herman

  • Statement of Candidacy: I’m passionate about Socialism and want to do everything I can to support my local party. I’m running for the two vacant positions so I don’t take one away from anyone but can also help as much as possible and be involved.

Outreach Coordinator: Pat Noble

  • Statement of Candidacy: I have served the Central NJ local and its predecessor as a local committee member since the local was founded in March 2011. I am currently serving as local Chair, having been elected in 2014, and previously served as Secretary-Treasurer (2013-2014) and Chair (2011-2013). I also chaired the organizing committee for the 2016 SPUSA National Organizing Conference that was hosted by the Central NJ local in New Brunswick. In addition to my local responsibilities, I am also the National Co-Chair and National Treasurer of the Socialist Party USA, as well as State Secretary of the Socialist Party of New Jersey. I am offering myself as a candidate for Outreach Coordinator because I believe my years of experience in the local and numerous contacts with other organizations in New Jersey would be a good fit for the role. Additionally, it would enable me to remain on the Local Executive Committee and offer support to other members who are stepping into local leadership for the first time.

CNJSP Members – Please vote before August 26th