Socialist Party Cuba Solidarity Campaign

The Socialist Party’s National Committee is announcing the Socialist Party’s Cuba Solidarity Campaign this summer. As socialists living in the heart of global capitalism, it is important that our party stand in support of the Cuban people and their unshakable resolve. It is our duty as internationalists to confront US imperialist aggression, especially against our comrades who continue to defend and advance the ideals of the Cuban Revolution. This campaign offers us the chance to show our support in a coordinated and unified manner.

Our focus in this campaign is specific. President Biden, like any of his recent predecessors, has the ability to unilaterally end the blockade against Cuba. This can be done with the stroke of a pen or through the deliberate lapse of the relevant statutory authority. The next time this statutory authority will be allowed to lapse is in September 2021. To lead up to this point, our campaign will launch on June 1st and carry on through August 31st.

Your participation is critical for this campaign to be a success. We hope to not only demonstrate our solidarity with Cuba and oppose the blockade, but also to show our unity as a party and attract new members as a result.

Learn more about the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and how to get involved here.