Register to Vote as a Socialist!

After a year-long lawsuit against the State of New Jersey (Noble v. State), the Socialist Party of New Jersey (our state party) received voter registration rights and declared victory.

The result of this lawsuit is the addition of the Socialist Party of New Jersey to the NJ Political Party Affiliation Declaration Form and the ability of voters in New Jersey to register as socialists. Prior to this, left-wing voters had no viable voter registration option besides “Unaffiliated”.

You do not need to be a dues-paying member of the Socialist Party USA to declare your voting affiliation with the SPNJ. The purpose of the form is to formally declare your support for the politics of any of the parties listed, which in our case is democratic socialism and socialist feminism.

You can read our Statement of Principles here!

To change your voter registration to Socialist Party of New Jersey:

1. Download and print out the NJ Political Parties Affiliation Declaration Form.

2. Check off “Socialist Party of New Jersey” and fill in all of your information.

3. Mail the form to your county’s Superintendent of Elections or Commissioner of Registration (title varies by county). Click here to find the name and mailing address for your county.

After mailing the form, you should receive a letter from your county official confirming the registration change.Vote Socialist


One thought on “Register to Vote as a Socialist!

    albert westpy said:
    November 9, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    I am so registered ! All power to the people !

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