Socialist Party of New Jersey Condemns the Shutdown of the New Jersey Government

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The Socialist Party of New Jersey condemns the gross incompetence of the Republican governor and Democrat legislature that has led to a shutdown of the New Jersey government. 

The budget dispute that led to this shutdown is independent of and oblivious to the needs of the people of New Jersey. If Governor Christie and Assembly Speaker Prieto were serious about health care costs and coverage, they would be talking about universal coverage and a single payer system. Instead, they are two waning politicians using health care as a political football in a shameful attempt to save their careers.

This situation proves, yet again, that the Democrats and Republicans in Trenton are not representing the people of New Jersey. Instead, they are representing special interests with deep pockets.

We don’t need a new governor – we need a new system. 


New Jersey Elections 2016: Write-In Emidio Soltysik for President, Vote No on Question #1, and Vote Yes on Question #2

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The Socialist Party of New Jersey is recommending votes for the following candidates and ballot questions in the November 8th, 2016 elections:

President of the United States

We wholeheartedly recommend a write-in vote for Emidio Soltysi12465956_800049260107340_6420412648444521887_ok, who is the Socialist Party USA’s nominee for President of the United States.

While Mimi is not on the New Jersey ballot, we believe the radical politics and ideas put forward by the Soltysik/Walker campaign are reflective of the society we want to build beyond capitalism. Along with vice-presidential nominee Angela Nicole Walker, they have run an incredible campaign and deserve the support of all New Jersey residents who want to build a better world of social justice and economic democracy.

“We’re actually telling folks that, as opposed to looking to candidates to provide the solutions to the problems, they should look to one another. Socialism isn’t something that can or should be implemented from the White House. It’s a movement led by the workers, by the community, by the people.”

Please visit to learn more about the campaign. You can also like the campaign on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Public Questions

Question #1 – Constitutional amendment to permit casino gambling in two counties other than Atlantic County

The SPNJ recommends a NO VOTE on question #1.

Aside from being unsustainable, corporations involved in the gambling industry have shown a complete disregard for the communities they operate in and the workers they employ. This is proven in the five Atlantic City casinos that have closed since 2014 and the thousands of people left unemployed as a result. At the same time that the New Jersey Legislature debates a financial bailout for Atlantic City, we should not allow the industry and corporations that caused this disaster to spread into Northern New Jersey.

Question #2 – Constitutional amendment to dedicate additional revenues to state transportation system

The SPNJ recommends a YES VOTE on question #2.

Despite statements to the contrary that have confused New Jersey voters, question #2 is not a referendum on the gas tax. The $0.23 tax has already been signed into law and went into effect on November 1st. The question on the ballot is whether all revenue (yes vote) from the gas tax or a portion of it (no vote) should go towards the Transportation Trust Fund. In the event of a no vote, funds not allocated for transportation will go into general funds for unknown purposes. Without debating the gas tax, which is not the question on the ballot, we believe an increase in funding for transportation in New Jersey is incredibly important and should be supported.

Socialist Party of New Jersey Co-Sponsors the March for Environmental Justice in Red Bank

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Statement by the Socialist Party of New Jersey State Executive Committee
Approved 7/14/16

Socialist Party of New Jersey logo
The State Executive Committee of the Socialist Party of New Jersey (SPNJ) has accepted an invitation to co-sponsor the September 17th March for Environmental Justice in Red Bank, New Jersey. We are excited to collaborate on this event with the Green Party of New Jersey and a number of other organizations to put forward a vision for a New Jersey that is committed to environmental and social justice.

The march will begin at 10am at the Red Bank Train Station and will conclude with speeches at Riverside Gardens Park in Red Bank. Socialist Party national co-chair & elected school board member Pat Noble will be speaking on behalf of the SPNJ.

The speakers at the march will include Dr. Jill Stein, who is the Green Party’s 2016 nominee for President. While we welcome any individual or organization who believes in environmental justice to join us at the march, we want to be clear that the Socialist Party of New Jersey does not support or endorse the Stein/Baraka ticket. We fully support the Socialist Party‘s presidential ticket of Mimi Soltysik and Angela Nicole Walker and will continue to organize for the radical politics put forward by the Soltysik/Walker ticket in New Jersey.

We hope to see you in Red Bank on September 17th!

Facebook Event

Socialist Party of New Jersey Endorses & Joins 15Now NJ!

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Statement of the Socialist Party of New Jersey State Executive Committee
Approved 4/29/15

The Socialist Party USA stands for the right of all workers to organize,
for worker control of industry through the democratic organization of the
workplace, for the social ownership of the means of production and
distribution, and for international solidarity among working people based
on common opposition to global capitalism and imperialism.
-Socialist Party USA 2013-2015 National Platform

Socialist Party of New Jersey logoCapitalism offers no future for working class people. Millions are denied employment in a system that promotes competition over cooperation and creates the illusion that being unemployed is a status that must be systematically punished. Millions more are denied employment in which they are organized in a union, treated with dignity and respect, and paid a livable wage. Women and people of color continue to receive less pay than white males.

We believe that a living wage is a fundamental right that should be afforded to all people. We also believe in the idea that workers should own and democratically run the workplaces that they built. Communities should be empowered in their local economies and corporations should be excluded in favor of worker-run cooperatives and collectives.

It is in this spirit, and with a strong desire to become involved in a15NowNJ logo living wage campaign in the Garden State, that the Socialist Party of New Jersey is proud to announce our endorsement of 15Now NJ! We are very excited to become involved in 15Now NJ’s campaign for a $15 minimum wage in New Jersey and look forward to bringing a democratic socialist perspective to the coalition.

Solidarity forever!

Say No to Rainforest Destruction!

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Statement of the Socialist Party of Monmouth and Ocean Counties
Approved by the SPMOC Local Executive Committee

Hurricane Sandy devastated numerous towns in the Jersey Shore region, and Avon-by-the-Sea is no different. A town of roughly 1,900 residents, Avon is working to rebuild its half mile-long boardwalk, in preparation for the upcoming summer season.

Rather then pursue more environmentally-friendly materials to rebuild the boardwalk, the Avon government has instead chosen to use Ipê, a tropical wood found in the Amazon. Avon is presently the only town on the entire New Jersey coast that is attempting to use this wood for boardwalk reconstruction.

According to Rainforest Relief, which has been organizing against the use of Ipê, 766 acres of rainforest would have to be logged in order to rebuild the boardwalk, despite the fact that Avon itself is only 347 acres.

According to the March 14th Asbury Park Press entitled Opposition over Avon boardwalk goes international:

“Mayor Robert Mahon said he had some second thoughts about using ipe after Monday night’s borough meeting, which attracted roughly a dozen protesters. However, he still thought it was worth the trouble and the right timber for the job as of Wednesday morning.”

To make matters worse, Avon has requested federal aid to finance this unjustifiable rainforest destruction. If nothing is done, our taxes will fund this travesty.

The Socialist Party of Monmouth and Ocean Counties denounces the decision of the Avon borough government to use rainforest hardwood when more environmentally-friendly materials are readily available. We call upon the people of Avon to demand that their borough council reverse course and instead rebuild with environmental sustainability in mind.

Lastly, we call upon anyone in opposition to Avon’s plan to rally in front of the Avon Municipal Building on Saturday, March 23rd at 5:30pm.

19-year-old Socialist takes seat on Red Bank Regional’s Board of Education

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By Rob Spahr,
on January 05, 2013


RED BANK – Pat Noble is not your average teenager.

The 19-year-old Red Bank resident dedicates most of his time to either working full time as a clerk in a Little Silver pharmacy or with a political organization he helped found.

He speaks passionately about issues ranging from foreign policy and education to taxation and evolution.

He was on the ballot for a seat on the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders in 2011 and on Wednesday he officially became a member of the Red Bank Regional High School Board of Education, after defeating incumbent Nilsa Samol in November’s election.

Oh, by the way, he’s also a proud socialist.

Noble, a graduate of the Monmouth County vocational school The Academy of Allied Health & Science in Neptune, first became interested in socialism while in high school and hearing Democrats and Republicans use the term “socialist” to attack each other.

“I decided to do some research into what the problem was with it and I never found it. The rest is pretty much history,” said Noble, who summed up the socialist philosophy as “a society built for the majority instead of the elite minority.”

“I think people who are dead set against the idea of socialism have false logic,” he said. “But I think that if most people have an opportunity to really hear what it’s about, that they’ll agree with it or at least walk away with a real understanding of it.”

In March 2011, Noble helped co-found the Socialist Party of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. And then he spent the better part of the last two years campaigning, first for Freeholder then for Board of Education.

“You reach more people, more quickly when you win an election,” said Noble, whose father, Peter, is a member of the Board of Education for the Red Bank Borough Public Schools. “People would rather hear from a candidate than some guy on a street corner, especially on socialism when a majority of them are capitalists.”

Now, Noble said he plans to stand up for his socialist beliefs as a member of the Red Bank Regional school board.

“I’m hoping to bring a different perspective, a left-wing perspective to a board full of capitalists,” he said. “I have a different view point, both as a younger person and a Socialist, that I think could have a positive impact in and of itself.”

Noble campaigned on a laundry list of issues that he would support, such as school sex education courses including lessons on LGBT lifestyles.

But Noble said some of the top issues he will be concerned with as a board of education member will be budget related, such as opposing merit pay for faculty members and fighting harder against budget cuts.

“I’m not saying that there aren’t some areas of the budget that can’t be tweaked,” he said. “But far too often they are cutting school budgets at will, which forces the schools to make rampant cuts to programs and staffing. I think there should be more backlash and more fighting back.”

Noble said he would also fight to get military recruitment and other military-related activities banned from school grounds.

“I’m antiwar, absolutely,” he said. “And I’m against poaching high school kids and sending them to the front lines of a war they have nothing to do with, they didn’t start and will not benefit from.”

Even though Noble acknowledged that he was an outsider – in terms of both age and political views – he said his fellow Board of Education members gave him a warm welcome when he was sworn in last week.

“This is something I wanted to do, because it’s something I’m passionate about,” he said “And I hope to use my different perspective to help make some improvements.”

The Socialist Party of New Jersey Stands in Solidarity with Palestine

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Statement unanimously approved by the SPNJ State Executive Committee on 11/20/12

When the oppressed strike back at their oppressors, it is the responsibility of all people of conscience to stand with the oppressed.

Such is the case of the Palestinians, who have been subject to the escalating violence and oppression of Israel and the United States for decades. On November 14th, Israel launched its most recent offensive against Gaza, resulting in the deaths of many innocent people. While the bloodshed is carried out by Israel, the missiles are marked “Made in USA”, and the blood running through the streets of Gaza is paid for by the United States government.

The Obama Administration has been steadfast in its support for the unjustified aggression of Israel, stating that Israel has the right to defend itself. This position, which has also been expressed pro-US, imperialist governments around the planet, completely ignores the fact that Israel is not fighting to defend the land that it has already stolen. Instead, it is fighting to expand its own borders, while strengthening the apartheid state and continuing ethic clensing, in a push to obliterate the Palestinian people.

While peace is the ultimate goal of socialists, we must oppose the merry-go- round peace process of the Israeli apartheid state and the authority-less Palestinian National Authority. Instead, we must stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers of Palestine, in their struggle for liberation and freedom. To call for peace and negotiation while US-made missiles reign down on Gaza and slaughter entire families is short-sighted and counterproductive.

Since 1989, the New Jersey government has called Israel its sister-state, through the Sister State Agreement that passed with unanimous support from both the Democrat and Republican parties, highlighting the bipartisan support for the oppression, segregation, and genocide of the Palestinian people. Hundreds of millions of dollars flow from New Jersey to Israel every year, mainly in the form of import-exports and business relations. In agreement with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which the most recent Socialist Party USA National Convention voted to support in 2011, the State Executive Committee of the Socialist Party of New Jersey demands that the State of New Jersey tear up the Sister State Agreement, as well as end all socioeconomic relations with Israel.

As with all struggles for liberation, the Socialist Party of New Jersey stands in full support for the freedom of the Palestinian people from the tyranny of the “political Zionism” promoted by Israel and supported by the United States. We demand an end to New Jersey’s “Sister State Agreement” with Israel, and call on all New Jerseyans of conscience to demand it as well. Lastly, we recognize that true, lasting freedom will not come when this conflict ends. Instead, it will come when a mass movement of people, from all ethnicities and origins, rises up and topples the international capitalist regime, replacing it with a society of peace, prosperity, and solidarity for all. In other words, a democratic socialist society.

From the Garden State, to the rooftop gardens of Gaza City, let our message be the same: FREE PALESTINE!

To learn more about the Socialist Party of New Jersey, please visit