New Jersey Elections 2016: Write-In Emidio Soltysik for President, Vote No on Question #1, and Vote Yes on Question #2

The Socialist Party of New Jersey is recommending votes for the following candidates and ballot questions in the November 8th, 2016 elections:

President of the United States

We wholeheartedly recommend a write-in vote for Emidio Soltysi12465956_800049260107340_6420412648444521887_ok, who is the Socialist Party USA’s nominee for President of the United States.

While Mimi is not on the New Jersey ballot, we believe the radical politics and ideas put forward by the Soltysik/Walker campaign are reflective of the society we want to build beyond capitalism. Along with vice-presidential nominee Angela Nicole Walker, they have run an incredible campaign and deserve the support of all New Jersey residents who want to build a better world of social justice and economic democracy.

“We’re actually telling folks that, as opposed to looking to candidates to provide the solutions to the problems, they should look to one another. Socialism isn’t something that can or should be implemented from the White House. It’s a movement led by the workers, by the community, by the people.”

Please visit to learn more about the campaign. You can also like the campaign on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Public Questions

Question #1 – Constitutional amendment to permit casino gambling in two counties other than Atlantic County

The SPNJ recommends a NO VOTE on question #1.

Aside from being unsustainable, corporations involved in the gambling industry have shown a complete disregard for the communities they operate in and the workers they employ. This is proven in the five Atlantic City casinos that have closed since 2014 and the thousands of people left unemployed as a result. At the same time that the New Jersey Legislature debates a financial bailout for Atlantic City, we should not allow the industry and corporations that caused this disaster to spread into Northern New Jersey.

Question #2 – Constitutional amendment to dedicate additional revenues to state transportation system

The SPNJ recommends a YES VOTE on question #2.

Despite statements to the contrary that have confused New Jersey voters, question #2 is not a referendum on the gas tax. The $0.23 tax has already been signed into law and went into effect on November 1st. The question on the ballot is whether all revenue (yes vote) from the gas tax or a portion of it (no vote) should go towards the Transportation Trust Fund. In the event of a no vote, funds not allocated for transportation will go into general funds for unknown purposes. Without debating the gas tax, which is not the question on the ballot, we believe an increase in funding for transportation in New Jersey is incredibly important and should be supported.


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