The Socialist Party of New Jersey Stands in Solidarity with Palestine

Statement unanimously approved by the SPNJ State Executive Committee on 11/20/12

When the oppressed strike back at their oppressors, it is the responsibility of all people of conscience to stand with the oppressed.

Such is the case of the Palestinians, who have been subject to the escalating violence and oppression of Israel and the United States for decades. On November 14th, Israel launched its most recent offensive against Gaza, resulting in the deaths of many innocent people. While the bloodshed is carried out by Israel, the missiles are marked “Made in USA”, and the blood running through the streets of Gaza is paid for by the United States government.

The Obama Administration has been steadfast in its support for the unjustified aggression of Israel, stating that Israel has the right to defend itself. This position, which has also been expressed pro-US, imperialist governments around the planet, completely ignores the fact that Israel is not fighting to defend the land that it has already stolen. Instead, it is fighting to expand its own borders, while strengthening the apartheid state and continuing ethic clensing, in a push to obliterate the Palestinian people.

While peace is the ultimate goal of socialists, we must oppose the merry-go- round peace process of the Israeli apartheid state and the authority-less Palestinian National Authority. Instead, we must stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers of Palestine, in their struggle for liberation and freedom. To call for peace and negotiation while US-made missiles reign down on Gaza and slaughter entire families is short-sighted and counterproductive.

Since 1989, the New Jersey government has called Israel its sister-state, through the Sister State Agreement that passed with unanimous support from both the Democrat and Republican parties, highlighting the bipartisan support for the oppression, segregation, and genocide of the Palestinian people. Hundreds of millions of dollars flow from New Jersey to Israel every year, mainly in the form of import-exports and business relations. In agreement with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which the most recent Socialist Party USA National Convention voted to support in 2011, the State Executive Committee of the Socialist Party of New Jersey demands that the State of New Jersey tear up the Sister State Agreement, as well as end all socioeconomic relations with Israel.

As with all struggles for liberation, the Socialist Party of New Jersey stands in full support for the freedom of the Palestinian people from the tyranny of the “political Zionism” promoted by Israel and supported by the United States. We demand an end to New Jersey’s “Sister State Agreement” with Israel, and call on all New Jerseyans of conscience to demand it as well. Lastly, we recognize that true, lasting freedom will not come when this conflict ends. Instead, it will come when a mass movement of people, from all ethnicities and origins, rises up and topples the international capitalist regime, replacing it with a society of peace, prosperity, and solidarity for all. In other words, a democratic socialist society.

From the Garden State, to the rooftop gardens of Gaza City, let our message be the same: FREE PALESTINE!

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