Statement by the Socialist Party of New Jersey State Executive Committee, 5/17/21

The Socialist Party of New Jersey calls for the ending of New Jersey’s “Sister State” agreement with Israel. This agreement was wrong in 1988 when former Governor Kean signed it and it is wrong now. New Jersey must oppose apartheid in Israel, and eliminate the special NJ-Israeli commission, which has promoted investment in Israel and continued to release profoundly biased statements supporting Israeli’s current offensive in Palestine. 

Additionally, this commission has been promoting investment in an apartheid Israeli state instead of condemning it. In 1986 New Jersey divested from South Africa because of its apartheid system, yet continues to do the exact the opposite with the apartheid system in Israel. This only emboldens it and causes even more suffering for the Palestinian people.

The SPNJ demands that this ill-advised and damaging relationship be severed at once.


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