Socialist Party of New Jersey Endorses & Joins 15Now NJ!

Statement of the Socialist Party of New Jersey State Executive Committee
Approved 4/29/15

The Socialist Party USA stands for the right of all workers to organize,
for worker control of industry through the democratic organization of the
workplace, for the social ownership of the means of production and
distribution, and for international solidarity among working people based
on common opposition to global capitalism and imperialism.
-Socialist Party USA 2013-2015 National Platform

Socialist Party of New Jersey logoCapitalism offers no future for working class people. Millions are denied employment in a system that promotes competition over cooperation and creates the illusion that being unemployed is a status that must be systematically punished. Millions more are denied employment in which they are organized in a union, treated with dignity and respect, and paid a livable wage. Women and people of color continue to receive less pay than white males.

We believe that a living wage is a fundamental right that should be afforded to all people. We also believe in the idea that workers should own and democratically run the workplaces that they built. Communities should be empowered in their local economies and corporations should be excluded in favor of worker-run cooperatives and collectives.

It is in this spirit, and with a strong desire to become involved in a15NowNJ logo living wage campaign in the Garden State, that the Socialist Party of New Jersey is proud to announce our endorsement of 15Now NJ! We are very excited to become involved in 15Now NJ’s campaign for a $15 minimum wage in New Jersey and look forward to bringing a democratic socialist perspective to the coalition.

Solidarity forever!


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