Help Us Petition for Greg Pason for US Senate!

With the June 5th deadline for US Senate petitioning in New Jersey, we need your help to get Greg Pason, candidate of the Socialist Party USA, on the ballot.

Greg is a social activist from Montclair, NJ. He currently serves as National Secretary of the Socialist Party USA, as well as Co-Chair of the Socialist Party of New Jersey. Greg’s campaign for US Senate is spreading the message of democratic socialism to the people of New Jersey, and ballot access will go a long way to help reach more receptive ears.

To download a petition, click here. Please remember to contact Greg at, so we can keep in contact with you throughout the petitioning process. Remember that people are receptive to our alternative ideas, we just need to be the ones to start the discussion on them.

For more information on the Greg Pason for US Senate campaign, please visit


1 Comment

  1. This is very important. I do not see us making the ballot if we do not step up and petitioning. We have your support and people have promoted the campaign, but unless we seriously amp up petitioning this won’t happen. Petitioning is not the best part of the campaign, but it is necessary. We need your help today. NJ suporters please download a petition and help today (and make sure you contact us and send in the petition to the campaign by May 31st.

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