SPUSA Plan of Action campaigns

The Socialist Party USA currently has five “Plan of Action” campaigns. These campaigns originate from specific issues that our National Convention decided we should prioritize and focus on. They are national campaigns coordinated by commissions of Socialist Party members from across the country and organized by our locals, state parties, and at-large members.

As a local of the Socialist Party USA, we strive to bring the Plan of Action campaigns into Central New Jersey and connect them to our work.

The five Plan of Action campaigns are: Eco-Socialism, Labor/Living Wage, Prison Industrial Complex, Anti-War, and (new for 2016!) Housing Justice/Anti-Gentrification

Learn more about the Plan of Action campaigns here

Soltysik/Walker 2016

11063891_769276933184573_4217560913366883517_nOn October 17th, the Socialist Party USA’s 2015 National Convention nominated former SPUSA Co-Chair Mimi Soltysik and Milwaukee labor activist Angela Walker as our 2016 presidential ticket.

Regardless of rigged ballot access laws, the Soltysik/Walker campaign is a national initiative that is putting forward radical, democratic socialist principles and positions. We look forward to supporting the campaign in New Jersey and organizing events with Mimi and Angela throughout the election cycle.

For more information on the Soltysik/Walker campaign, visit

15 Now NJ

Endorsed by the Socialist Party of New Jersey – Statement of Endorsement

Throughout the country the fight for a $15 minimum wage has begun. From coast to coast, workers are rising up and demanding a living wage.

15NowNJ logoHey, New Jersey, now is the time to fight, to come together and to win! The Garden State is ripe for a $15 minimum wage. The seeds have been planted. But we need to nurture this growing movement with the energy of a sustained, bottom-up push for a $15 minimum wage. It’s time to take to the streets and to rock the State Assembly, to demand they act to guarantee a living wage for New Jersey residents.

The only way we can win when confronted with the wealth and power of big business is if we organize! We must construct a grassroots campaign that brings together our whole community. From neighborhoods, unions, and student groups to local activists, and community organizations to participate in meetings, mass rallies, and strikes to demand $15 NOW!

For more information on 15NowNJ, visit

Medicare for All-NJ

Co-founded by the Socialist Party of New Jersey

Medicare for All-NJ (MFA-NJ) is a coalition of individuals and organizations in the State of New Jersey that seek to build support for a single-payer healthcare system in the state.

MFA-NJ is run cooperatively among our membership. All major decisions are made democratically at general meetings, in which every individual member has one vote and every member organization has two votes. In between general meetings, our oMFA-NJ Logofficers perform specific functions that are outlined in our by-laws.

We are not affiliated with any national organization and do not make endorsements of political candidates.

Membership is open to all NJ residents and organizations based in NJ that support a non-profit, single-payer Expanded and Improved Medicare health care system for New Jersey and the United States.

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